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This blog has been put together by Moon River Arabians, to further highlight our Arabian horses for sale. We hope that the information contained here, along with the information on our original Moon River Arabians site will help make your horse selection easier and more informed.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our sites, and please contact us for any other information you may require.

Moon River Arabians Retirement/Going out of Business, Arabian Horse Herd for Sale

After 30 years of lovingly working with and selectively building just the right bloodlines, both Polish and Egyptian, and raising with a lot of love and attention these gorgeous Arabians, we are, with regret, ready for someone younger and more energetic to enjoy and promote these incredibly lovely horses! Beautiful lines, well adapted, friendly and loving!

Moon River Arabians is located in the mountains of Western Montana. Our 30 year breeding program consists of Pure Polish or Polish cross with Crabbet and Egyptian lines. Our stallions, (including *Aladdinn, Wizjon and *Druch sons), broodmares of rare pre-war Polish bloodlines, treasured preservation Egyptian, Crabbet, Babson etc. broodmares have produced quality Arabians for breeding, performance, pleasure and Sport horses (endurance,dressage, etc). From flashy chestnuts with lots of chrome - gorgeous bays - to the beauty of the grays, these Arabian fillies, colts, mares, geldings and stallions are our pride.

Visit for additional bloodlines background & pictures.. Click on My Gallery for more pictures or visit Moon River Arabians on Facebook.

Pricing and Sales Details

Ages are from 10 to 20 or more. Several mares, and 1 stallion are Pure Polish and a few are Sweepstakes nominated. All are purebred registered except as noted on the sales lists ( a few registered as ½, ¾ or 15/16). 1 mare and 1 gelding unregistered. Contact Arabianherd (click envelope on the left side) or for individual or complete herd prices.

Mares are sired by: *Almaddinn --*Aladdin X *Almaa (Krezus); Walo – Wizjon (*Bask X *Wizja) X *Warta (Comet); Celerity -- *Druch (Celebes) X Gwalista (*Gwalior); Aladara -- *Almadinn X Lady Bajdara (*Badjak); Jusseim – Celerity X Burdine Jean (SX Staleys Gemini); and others. Dam pedigrees show lines to: Hal Gazal, Kirkor, Serafix, Anchor Hill, Gdansk, JB Kobask, Flis, Sultann, Robask, Cedr, Eufrat, Eldon’s Wotan, Karadjorge, Fa Serr, Witez II, and many more!

Old proven bloodlines mean excellence in broodmare potential. No Padron, Bey Shah, Varian lines etc. make them classy outcrosses as well! All mares are open and breeding sound as far as we know. These are not “worn out” broodmares! Some have produced 1 or 2 foals but most are maiden as in recent years we have almost stopped breeding due to our health concerns.

All are in good health, gentle natured and halter broken. A few are under saddle with many more that, trained to saddle, could be using their special athletic abilities for show, endurance, dressage, trail or just plain pleasure!

So, you're looking for Arabian endurance horses !

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Most of our horses run free on the ranch and are not kept in paddocks, or stalls. They roam freely over mountain sides, and fields, through a river, streams and timber areas. This keeps them in top notch physical condition, and well versed on the multitude of obstacles encountered along any trail.


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